Clients often write us after they receive their video to give the best compliment we could possibly receive; that the money they invested in their video is the best money spent on the entire event.  As years pass and families start and grow, this investment only becomes more valuable.  

Complete packages start at $3595, please inquire for full price list. 


always included

•  Multi-cam Event Coverage, including drone.

• Complete feature length film of bridal prep, ceremony and reception in entirety. 

• Highlight video featuring all the best moments of the day.

• Full online HD stream of your entire video, along with USB thumb drive, complete with menus and chapter selections. 


always available

* Same Day Edit (send email for samples)

• Extra event coverage

• Love Story features

• DVD and Blu-Ray copies

• Hard drive with raw footage


1) How long have you been doing this, and how do you work with other vendors?

A) We started shooting weddings in 2002, and have shot over 500 events over the last 16 years covering the entire PNW and beyond.  We are fortunate to have built a reputation for excellence and are referred by the top vendors and venues in the state, please ask around!  We feel as thought we're part of a team, and will do anything and everything to make every other vendors' experience optimal, so we ALL deliver our best.  This means staying out of your photographer's way, so they can capture what they need.

2) Will you need your own time to capture certain moments or events?

A) NO!  Most people don't act natural when they know they're on camera and above all, we're experts at being un-obtrusive and capturing moments naturally, without 'staging' or making you into an actor.  We don't want your video to look like a produced episode of "The Bachelor" where you have you to perform your first look 3 different times.  We are always thinking 3 steps ahead and capture moments organically.  It's all about being in the right place at the right time, which has been perfected by years of experience and great relationships with all Seattle photographers. 

3) Will I receive my entire ceremony footage, toasts, etc?

A) Absolutely!!  Why else would you hire a videographer if not to provide you with a full edit of your entire wedding?  Some companies will give you raw footage of anything outside of the highlight, whereas we know how important every part of the day was. We edit the full bridal prep, ceremony and reception, allowing you to re-live ALL the moments of your day.  It's a lot more work on our end, but we couldn't think of delivering a sub-par product.


4) Who chooses the soundtrack?

A) You! Music is a very personal medium.  A song can easily bring back a memory or evoke an emotion.  We work closely with you so that you can choose a soundtrack that fits your personality and the feeling of the event.   


5) How will I watch the final product?

A) We deliver all our videos via an online platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time, on any device. In addition, the platform has an AppleTV app that allows for an optimal TV viewing experience.  In addition, we provide USB thumb drives with the fully edited wedding and highlight that you can copy and download to any computer or device.