the team


Aaron, Brett, & Brandon make up the AHP team.  Started in 2002, Aaron has built a impeccable reputation for delivering the highest quality product and exceeding clients' expectations.  A graduate of the University of Washington and Vancouver Film School, he brings decades of experience to each project, not overshadowed by a strong work ethic and desire to create a truly unique product for each couple. 

Put together, they're all three Pacific Northwest natives, who love the outdoors, good music, food, family, and friendship.  


the approach


1) Professionalism; We dress the part, and play the part.  We are kind and courteous to guests, family, vendors, and venue staff.  We realize we're one spoke in the giant wheel of wedding success, and ultimately want the best for the couple.

2) Experience; We see around corners, anticipate every move, and think three steps ahead. This way, we're in the right place at the right time.  We don't direct our couples, or ask them for re-do's.  We capture everything naturally, the way it unfolds.

3) Attention to story;  Filming inanimate objects is easy; anyone can shoot a hanging dress or drone shot of a venue. We take pride in capturing all the feels and emotions, so watching your video is like being right back in the moment.  The story of the day is what we're always chasing.

Photo courtesy Alante Photography. 

Photo courtesy Alante Photography.