Ready for your closeup?

Brie + Bryan *Fairmont Olympic Hotel

I was lucky to get to know Brie and Bryan before their wedding.  Video was high on their priority list which always elevates my game and motivates me to go above and beyond.  If you are not yet married, and wondering the secret to having a perfect wedding…  pay close attention; it all comes down to a precise mix of laughter, joy, disbelief (that such amazement is happening all around you), wonder, gratitude, and love.  You will notice all these ingredients mixed into the perfect recipe that is Brie and Bryan's wedding.  

From the couple: "We are both honestly speechless with the gift you've given us. The highlight was everything we hoped for from day one and your ability to capture our wedding day showing genuine emotion and interaction is priceless. Second to living out our wedding day, watching it on film was unlike any other experience we've had. It brought back the emotion and the excitement of the day and we were able to relive it all again! Seeing eachother's mornings and all of the other events that we weren't able to experience first hand was so fun! Simply amazing."