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Shannon + Tyler *Tree House Point

Shannon wanted a destination wedding.  When most people think of destination... tropical locales come to mind.  But Shannon and Tyler are from Wisconsin, and their idea of destination was slightly more thoughtful than most.  Shannon wanted something whimsical, something enchanting, something different.  A place secluded, surrounded by towering trees and blanketed by soft rain.  Now, I spent most of my entire life in the Northwest, Issaquah in fact.  In that time, I've driven along the upper Snoqualmie to Fall City several times.  Not once in all these years... did I know that deep in the forest of Issaquah hides a magical spot that one needs to experience to believe.  Shannon and Tyler's entire wedding party and guests traveled from Wisconsin to this tree house haven.  I'm fortunate that they showed me what's been hidden in my own backyard.