Ready for your closeup?

Carie + Eric *Fairmont Olympic

Many months before Carie and Eric’s wedding, the incomparable Lisa Chambers told me that Carie wanted it to snow at her wedding… which is not entirely unrealistic for a January event in Seattle. Unwilling to bet it all on an improbable weather event….. Carie decided to bring the snow inside the Spanish Ballroom. After hearing this, I knew I would be witness to an event unlike anything I’d ever seen before. With many cameras rolling as the doors to the ballroom opened, tiny flakes started to fall on the surprised guests. It was truly an incredible thing to witnesses. Hopefully this video captures just a fraction of the awe that myself and the guests of this wedding felt in that exact moment. If that weren’t enough… the rest of that cold winter night was filled with equally awe inspiring acts of love, gratitude, and warm celebration.