Ready for your closeup?

Laura + Daniel *Alderbrook Resort and Spa

"Oh wow, we are beyond pleased with the video. Daniel picked the DVDs up from his moms house and we stayed up until midnight watching! We were so tired but could not turn it off or press pause- omg. It is amazing!! Neither of us had any idea that you would be able to capture the entire day like that. 

(You were) recommended you to us (by friends) and, at the time, I honestly was not sold that we would actually need a video. I am SO happy we listened to them! It is the best keepsake from our wedding :) I can't wait for our moms to see it!!"

Micah + Aron *Brasada Ranch, Bend OR

"Man..... 5 stars to you. Thank you soo much for the video and all your hard work. That was amazing and beyond our expectations. You definitely did a awesome job! We watched it 3 times in a row and we both teared up equally each time. That was great.  You did such a good job and everyone that we have showed the highlight video to LOVE IT! 😁 Thanks so much man! We will definitely speak highly of your work and recommend you to everyone! 

Venue: Brasada Ranch  


Leigh + Ben *Private Residence, Allyn, WA

If you have a daughter, niece, younger sister, cousin, or have ever in your life been around a young little girl age 3-12, its fair to say that one of their favorite movies is probably "Tangled," Disney's most recent foray into the Rapunzel character.  If said young girl has seen the movie, it is highly likely that their favorite part is when the town releases their glowing lanterns upon the sea as the two main characters find love.  Watch as Leigh and Ben's love under the glowing lanterns, and understand why my 4 year old daughter thinks they are the real life Rapunzel and Flynn.

Brie + Bryan *Fairmont Olympic Hotel

I was lucky to get to know Brie and Bryan before their wedding.  Video was high on their priority list which always elevates my game and motivates me to go above and beyond.  If you are not yet married, and wondering the secret to having a perfect wedding…  pay close attention; it all comes down to a precise mix of laughter, joy, disbelief (that such amazement is happening all around you), wonder, gratitude, and love.  You will notice all these ingredients mixed into the perfect recipe that is Brie and Bryan's wedding.  

From the couple: "We are both honestly speechless with the gift you've given us. The highlight was everything we hoped for from day one and your ability to capture our wedding day showing genuine emotion and interaction is priceless. Second to living out our wedding day, watching it on film was unlike any other experience we've had. It brought back the emotion and the excitement of the day and we were able to relive it all again! Seeing eachother's mornings and all of the other events that we weren't able to experience first hand was so fun! Simply amazing."

Trisha + Adam *Four Seasons/Fairmont Olympic

Trisha and Adam's wedding spanned over 2 full days at 2 locations.  It was thrilling to be a part of such an incredible celebration.  From the bride:  "THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO WE HAVE EVER SEEN.  IT NEEDS AN OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you a million times over for capturing the best day of our lives so perfectly.  We could not be happier!  Seriously the best video ever.  I hope Vimeo doesn't record how many times we watch it bc it will be on repeat all weekend."

Ritasha + Michael *Same Day Edit - Seattle Design Center

Ritasha and Michael wanted that wow factor at their wedding reception.  With so many other incredibly gorgeous moments filling their wedding week, creating a SDE that could match the excitement in the room was a tough order.  Fortunately, my job is so much easier when it's obvious that all involved are having the time of their lives. 

Olga + Robert *Four Seasons SDE

This video showcases the very tail end of a Love Story video we did for Olga and Robert.  It was showcased last night during their reception.  At the conclusion of the Love Story... all the quests clapped and started to talk a bit, thinking it was over.  The lights stayed dim and the music from the Same Day Edit started.  Then, there are those few moments where people are not quite sure what they are watching.  Then some gasps, oohhs, ahhhhs, and those whispers of "...this is video from today!?!?"  Then the music starts kicking in and it brings down the house.  What a day! Thank you Olga and Robert!