Founded in 2002, AHP has enjoyed success as a strong referral based business highly regarded by peers, industry partners, and clients alike. Founded by Aaron Horton, a graduate of the University of Washington and Vancouver Film School, our goal is to consistently deliver a product that exceeds the client's expectations.   


Our best work is when you and your guests have no idea that they are being filmed. We want events and moments to unfold naturally, and capture them in a way that will look better than you remember.  Each wedding derives it's own story or narrative, it is our job to let that story emerge, and then craft it into a lasting piece of art that you cannot put a price on. 

"For all you skeptics on the ROI: It took my now-husband some convincing to hire a videographer, but he is a convert and glad we made the investment. This is something you'll watch over-and-over again for a long time; something magical about a live video that photos just can't quite capture the essence of."  - Loriann